At Vintage Atelier, we offer you atelier service, where everything is made to your measurements by a highly skilled team in our Central London based studio.

Whether it is an item from the collection or a bespoke commission, your dress will be a one off unique creation, made to suit your own dimensions and proportions. Starting by taking around 20 measurements, we first of all create your own physical mannequin. This technique provides perfect fit and is presently only used by a few of the top fashion houses.

Production time of our dresses covers 3 to 8 weeks. During this time you will have around three to five fittings.

If you require a bespoke dress, we recommend you to bring along any images of your preferred styles or inspiration. We have a huge selection of fabric feelers to choose from. Local British fabric suppliers and mills from all over the Europe send us their materials’ selection swatches seasonally.

Once we have discussed your requirements and you have chosen your fabric, trimmings or hand finishing, we will send you a sketch of the design and we will estimate the cost.

If you are happy with both, we will proceed to the next stage of making the ‘toile’, the mock up of your dream dress! Only after ‘fine tuning’ the toile for closer fit, we make the dress with the selected fabric. This may also require fitting, since the real fabric may ‘behave’ differently and you might have lost or gained weight.

We work hard towards making a perfect gown that will make us proud of our craftsmanship; you of your beauty and style!